Celebrating Christmas Every Year: Expectations Vs. Reality

Maybe we should all just stop having such high hopes for Christmas?

Expectation: Christmas Day will be a winter wonderland of beautiful snow!

Expectation: Christmas day will be a winter wonderland of beautiful snow!

Reality: It rains for 3 days non-stop.

Reality: it rains for 3 days nonstop.

Expectation: a majestic piece of nature that fills the lounge with the smell of pine, covered with tinsel and shining fairy lights.

Reality: you should have gone to the Christmas tree farm earlier.

Expectation: games, beverages and sing-alongs all day!

Reality: everyone eats too much and is asleep by 2pm.

Expectation: they'll be able to see your lights from space this year!

Reality: the lights are really expensive and you can't afford the power bill.

Expectation: this is the year you'll find the perfect gifts for everyone.

Reality: if you don't want to battle your way through the crowds, you've got to start your Christmas shopping in June.

Expectation: you'll do practice runs of all your recipes and be the envy of all other Christmas hosts.

Reality: you regrettably decided to wing it.

Expectation: you'll get a charming picture with Santa at the mall.

Reality: he doesn't really look like the Santa you imagined.

Expectation: you and your SO will get each other amazing gifts.

Reality: you spent a little more money on theirs than they did on yours.

Expectation: you wake up really early to open all of your presents.

Reality: you remember that sleep is the best thing ever.

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