It's A Pizza Hut Triple Treat: 3 Behind The Scenes Clips From The Pop Up Santa Shoot!

Take a behind the scenes look with these Baby Daddy stars!

Pizza Hut is giving you a triple serving of behind the scenes glimpses of the Pop Up Santa film shoot with Derek Theler and Tahj Mowry from Baby Daddy! Derek and Tahj burst onto campus and surprised students with three things every student wants: free Pizza Hut, fun games, and gifts!

1. Tahj and Derek drove onto campus in a giant truck and told everyone to put their books down!

Books down and eat some Pizza Hut pizza- now there's a mantra to live by.

2. It certainly was a whole lot of responsibility for these two actors.

But they did a great job -- maybe pizza delivery is their true calling?

3. And things got pretty epic for one lucky student.

Winner, winner, Pizza Hut dinner!

How badly do you want Pop Up Santa to stop by near you?

Let us know in the comments!

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