Only Scrooges Won’t Laugh at Josh Horner’s Hilarious Pop Up Santa!

We can't get enough of this awesome guy in Oh My Josh! - available on the Freeform app!

Josh is the perfect Pop Up Santa!

And don't forget to check out these exclusive clips from Oh My Josh!

"Picky? I'm picking everyone!"


How does anyone not know what kickball is?

Oh Josh, you're not even almost right.

"Becky With The Good Hair"...

Is there anything he can't make a dance for?

We introduce you to the genius that is the 'Hashtag Tiara'.

This is basically our new go-to dance move.

How hilarious does Oh My Josh! look?

Tune in to the Freeform app now to watch Josh Horner plié his way through L.A.!

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