Switched At Birth Music Guide: Departure of Summer

By Moira Aug 20, 2013

Here are the tracks used for Switched at Birth episode 2021, The Departure of Summer, which aired on August 19, 2013.


Artist name: Young Summer

Song title: Why Try

This song plays when Daphne realizes she's become one of the 1%.

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Artist name: Austin Hartley-Leonard

Song title: Angeline

This song plays when Ty & Bay make the most of their last days together.

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Artist name: Cary Brothers (feat. Garrison Starr)

Song title: Disappear

This song plays when Turns out Toby & Nikki have great chemistry, why get married?

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Artist name: Brave

Song title: Sara Bareilles

This song plays when Daphne faces her parents; she defends her actions.

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