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Season 1

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After just one term, the Stratford sisters are making their mark on Padua High. Outspoken Kat (Lindsey Shaw) is a known campus activist, and she's let down her guard just enough to hook up with mysterious bad boy Patrick (Ethan Peck). Meanwhile, her social-butterfly sister, Bianca (Meaghan Martin), has taken on self-centered head cheerleader Chastity (Dana Davis), and just might be dating her ex, would-be male model Joey (Chris Zylka) ... much to the sorrow of love-struck nerd Cameron (Nicholas Braun).
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S1 Ep Don't Give Up

Ah, the end of another day at Padua High. Kat's trying to play it cool in the parking lot as she waits for Patrick to pass by.

21:52 08/04/09 Season 1 TV-14 L

S1 Ep Won't Get Fooled Again

Kat and Walter are playing Scrabble. Well, Kat is; Walter's got his eye on the clock as it counts down to 10 pm, Bianca's curfew.

21:52 07/21/09 Season 1 TV-PG L

S1 Ep Pilot

The Stratford sisters, Bianca and Kat, are two very different people, which is evident as they start at their new high school with very contradictory goals.

27:05 07/07/09 Season 1 TV-PG L