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Season 1 Episode 13 I'll Be Your Meyer Lansky

43:45 01/21/13 Season 1 TV-14

With their finances in the downturn, Michelle and Fanny are seeing an accountant on how to monetize their land and make the dance studio profitable. Out of frustrations with the accountant, Michelle decides to take business classes but learns she never completed her high school degree. Michelle and Fanny discover how to make their excess land profitable by building an amphitheater theater. Michelle agrees to partner with Milly, Truly’s sister.

Melanie and Ginny watch as Charlie is publicly dumped by a girl he really liked. Melanie is surprised by his reaction. The instant popularity of the new students, siblings Cozette and Frankie, continues to mystify the girls. Truly has taken over the dance studio with her pop up Sparkles store. It’s trivia night at the Oyster Bar where Michelle sees that Godot is back but no longer likes her as he did before. When Sasha refuses to move from Paradise, her mother gives her the keys to the house leaving Sasha’s future in her own hands.

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