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Season 1

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Bunheads: Michelle once had a promising career as a classically-trained professional dancer. Now, with a dead-end job as a 30-something showgirl in Vegas, she’s found the excitement of Sin City has lost its appeal, and her persistent suitor, Hubbell, is gaining it. With promises of a cushy life in his coastal town of Paradise, CA, Hubbell convinces Michelle to marry him and move away. Unfortunately, tragedy soon strikes. And as Michelle deals with adjusting to her new life, she meets quite a few interesting characters along the way!
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S1 Ep 18 Next!

Michelle auditions to be in a show, while her brother, Scotty, is doing chores for Fanny so he can stay at her house.

43:47 02/25/13 Season 1 TV-14 D,L,S

S1 Ep 9 No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons

Michelle clashes with an award-winning barista; Melanie tries to learn the cause of Ginny's strange behavior; the ballet class suffers as Fanny and Sasha's standoff continues.

43:48 08/13/12 Season 1 TV-14

S1 Ep 8 Blank Up, It's Time

Michelle learns that Fanny has a long-distance boyfriend; Fanny gives Boo a coveted role in an upcoming performance after Sasha acts up.

43:39 08/06/12 Season 1 TV-14 L,S,D

S1 Ep 6 Movie Truck

The girls sneak into a traveling movie truck, and Michelle attempts to have a Vegas-style birthday in small-town Paradise.

41:19 07/23/12 Season 1 TV-14

S1 Ep 5 Money for Nothing

Michelle learns more about Fanny's financial difficulties; the girls become jealous over Boo's relationship with an attractive bartender.

41:50 07/16/12 Season 1 TV-14

S1 Ep 4 Better Luck Next Year!

Michelle seeks a new living arrangement to distance herself from her mother-in-law; Fanny attempts to keep a ballet company from moving their summer program to another city.

43:49 07/09/12 Season 1 TV-14 D,L