Wren Kingston

played by Julian Morris


In Wren, Melissa's found the perfect man. But this gorgeous med student has some secrets he keeps from his future bride. Least of which are the cigarettes he sneaks when she's not looking. There's also the attraction between him and Spencer, which he's not trying too hard to fight. Makes you wonder if Melissa's got her Mr. Right all wrong.


A hot import from the U.K., Julian Morris is probably best known as Spencer Stephens on 24, and Dr. Andrew Wade on ER. He also did memorable turns in Sorority Row, Cry Wolf, Donkey Punch, Whirlygirl, Spin, and Marple: The Murder at the Vicarage. He's also appeared on Shark. You can catch him in the upcoming movies Privileged and Something Wicked. (Films not yet rated.)