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Alec Lightwood

played by Matthew Daddario
Character Biography

Alec Lightwood has the unenviable job of looking after his wayward younger sister Isabelle, and the head strong Jace. Alec feels a huge responsibility to follow rules, and keep things running smoothly on behalf of his parents. Alec shares a Parabatai bond with Jace, a sacred bond between two Shadowhunters which makes them brothers in arms.

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Actor Biography

Matthew Daddario was born and raised in New York and went on to study business at Indiana University in Bloomington. After graduating in 2010, he began to study acting, auditioning for roles.

Daddario's first major role in film came in 2013 when he played Aaron in the movie "Breathe In." He has also been featured in "Delivery Man," "When the Game Stands Tall" and will star in the 2015 remake of the cult horror film "Cabin Fever."

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