New To The Official Join The Hunt App? Read On!

So you've heard about Join The Hunt, you've maybe even downloaded it...but then what? Check out this handy guide to help you get the most out of your awesome new app. We guarantee you'll be sharing awesome selfies in no time!

Our cool tutorial video will show you everything you need to know. Happy Hunting!

So what exactly is Join The Hunt?

The Join The Hunt app allows you to unveil the Shadow World around you. Simply scan targets using the camera on your phone or tablet. There's no need to search for QR codes, or complex patterns, all you need to do is point your camera at posters or Instagram posts to reveal virtual Shadowhunters objects (like steles! badges! demons!). You can then take selfies using these augmented reality props. There is a 'View Tutorial' section in the app which will help you navigate all the areas, but let's take a look together!

What's the deal with Hunts?

Tap the 'Hunts' button in the bottom left of the app. This will reveal a list of available Hunts, and how to complete them. This could be anything from finding an image in a magazine, to looking for a picture in your favorite Shadowhunter's Instagram feed. Once you find the image you need, tap on the Hunt's name or press the 'Use The Sight' button in the center. This will turn your camera in to an augmented reality scanner. Hold this steady in front of the target image to remove the glamour, and reveal a special object.

I've uncovered a cool object. What next?

You can move, re-size, and rotate the item to take the perfect photo. Drag to move the item, pinch the screen to re-size it, and use the bottom right hand button to rotate. The left hand button allows you to switch camera angles too. When you're happy with your pose, hit the red button in the center to take a photo.

Can I share my photos with friends?

Of course you can! Once your photo has been taken you will have the option to share instantly, or download it to your device. You can even share your images with your fellow Shadowhunters fans using #jointhehunt. Keep checking back to the website as your selfie might even be featured in an article! Cool, yes?

What's the Store?

When you complete Hunts, not only do you uncover awesome objects, but you also earn coins to spend in the Store. Tap the top right of the app, or visit the drop down menu in the left hand corner, and click on 'Store' to see what goodies you can buy. If you don't have enough coins for an object, you can complete more Hunts until you're rich! Tapping 'details' will give you more info about each object. When you have enough coins, click 'Buy Now' and the item is yours. 

How can I access my objects again?

Your items are saved in your personal Collection so you can take photos with them over and over again. You've got to be able to find out who looks better in Simon's glasses after all, it could be you, it could be your cat! Tap the bottom right hand button in the app to view your Collection in all its glory!

What if I get too excited and complete all the Hunts in super quick time?

Well, first: nice job on cracking all the clues! Don't worry, you will always have something new and awesome to search for. Accept push notifications in the app and you'll always be the first to hear about brand new Hunts each week. Tap 'Profile' in the drop down menu to keep track of your progress, and receive badges for completing challenges. Could you be our next Crusader?

You ready for your first Hunt now? Good luck and remember to share your success using #jointhehunt!

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