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Bay Kennish

played by Vanessa Marano

Character Biography

Vanessa Marano stars as Bay Kennish -- a privileged, eccentric young woman who finds out that, as a newborn, she was switched with another baby. While she's lived a charmed life with the family she thought was her own, the real baby Kennish grew up in a working-class, single-parent household.

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Actor Biography

Vanessa Marano started acting in the theater when she was seven years old, performing in numerous plays at A.C.T. in Agoura Hills, California. She shortly began her professional career with several national commercials and magazine modeling campaigns.

Vanessa has now been nominated multiple times for a Teen Choice Award for her portrayal of Bay Kennish, the artistic and edgy daughter in the Television Critics Award winning show, "Switched at Birth". The series continues to be a huge success and has gone on to win multiple awards including the Peabody Award in 2012. “Switched at Birth” is set to return midseason 2014.

Apart from her current role on “Switched at Birth,” Marano is recognized for her roles as April, the daughter of Luke, in the highly popular “Gilmore Girls,” and as Francesca, the daughter of the Emmy® Award-winning Lisa Kudrow, in the HBO Original series “The Comeback.” In the past, she also starred in “Scoundrels” as the scheming, school-skipping daughter of Virginia Madsen. Her impressive resume includes recurring roles in shows including “Dexter,” “Without a Trace,” "Medium,” “Trust Me” and “The Young and The Restless.” Guest-starring credits include "Perception", "Grey's Anatomy", "Private Practice", “Parenthood,” “Medium,” “Love Bites,” “Ghost Whisperer,” “Past Lives,” “Six Feet Under,” “Malcolm in the Middle” and “Grounded for Life.”

In addition to her work on some of television’s most prominent series, Marano starred as a young girl who becomes a quadriplegic in the critically acclaimed television movie “The Brooke Ellison Story,” directed by Christopher Reeve, and worked with Lucy Liu on a miniseries playing the troubled foster teenager, Immy, in “Marry Me.” Her first film was the animated hit “Finding Nemo,” followed by the independent films “Easy,” “The Clique,” “Stopping Power,” “Dear Lemon Lima,” “The Secret Lives of Dorks” and the edgy Lifetime movie “Restless Virgins,” based on the sex scandal that rocked renowned Massachusetts prep school, Milton Academy, in 2005.

Marano speaks Italian and is currently enrolled in college, working around her work schedule. She is also an ambassador for the Christopher Reeve Foundation and supports Global Green and HSUS.

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