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Jesus Foster

played by Noah Centineo
Character Biography
Mariana’s fraternal twin, Jesus is a charming, hyperkinetic kid who is protective of his sister and his adoptive family. Jesus isn’t as good a student as his sister, but he is far more sensible and pragmatic than she.
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Actor Biography

Noah Centineo was born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida, and began acting and modeling at a young age. His professional start was very connected to the Disney/Nickelodeon world with guest star and recurring roles on "Jessie," "Shake It Up," "Marvin Marvin" and "Austin & Ally."

In 2014, Centineo was cast in the Disney Channel Original Movie "How To Build A Better Boy" as Jaden Stark, the popular, yet sensitive boy who battles with the robotic boy of Mae's (Kelli Berglund) dreams for her attention. Following "How To Build A Better Boy," he was cast as a series regular for Disney Channel's pilot "Growing Up And Down" opposite Adam Irigoyen and Raini Rodriguez. He also starred as the love interest for Miranda Cogrove's character in the NBC pilot "Girlfriend In A Coma." His next projects include the upcoming indie feature "SPF-18" from renowned Los Angeles artist Alex Israel.

An avid adventurer, Centineo enjoys hiking and exploring the Los Angeles wilderness. He also spends time growing relationships with his friends and community. His current passions include skating, bonfires and playing the guitar, while also being very involved in equal rights issues and deeply committed to developing and growing as a person and actor.

He has one older sister named Tay and currently splits his time between downtown Los Angeles and Venice Beach.

Follow Noah Centineo on Twitter at @NoahCent and on Instagram at @NCentineo.

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