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played by Hayden Byerly
Character Biography
Callie's younger brother is a sensitive boy who was living with an abusive foster father until Callie, with help from some powerful allies, was able to rescue him from his sad situation. Callie remains fiercely protective of Jude.
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Actor Biography

Twelve-year-old Hayden Byerly plays Jude. Byerly grew up imitating his favorite TV and film characters, saying lines right along with them. He found his acting groove when he won first prize in an acting competition and moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue his acting career full time. He booked his first ever television audition, a guest-starring role on Zeke and Luther. Other television credits include a recurring role on Parenthood as ‘Micah’ and playing the voice of ‘Prince Gustav’ on Disney Jr’s animated series Sofia the First. Byerly’s film credits include the lead role of ‘Nathan’ in 11/11/11. He can also be seen playing one of the animated characters on the video game “Call of Duty Black Ops 2.”

Byerly’s favorite thing about acting is becoming someone else and really getting into another person’s shoes. He especially likes to play characters that are the opposite of himself. When he is not on set or in acting class, Byerly enjoys reading mysteries and action/adventure books, solving challenging math problems, practicing hip hop, and hanging out with his best friend. He can often be found at the park, playing basketball with his little brother. Byerly was born in Lakewood, Colorado, and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Follow Hayden Byerly on Twitter at @haydenbyerly.

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