played by Ashton Moio


Cute but nerdy Rico is now Jo’s closest friend and regular study partner, although it’s obvious he’d like to be something more. Intelligent but a bit socially clueless, Rico supports Jo in her every endeavor, and if she accepts Danny as a friend, then so will he.


Ashton Moio started in the entertainment business doing stunt work at age 12. He began acting at age 17, and can be seen in numerous television guest appearances on series including The Newsroom, 4 to 9ers (on Hulu), NCIS, No Ordinary Family and Victorious. His film credits include roles in the thriller Rosewood Lane and the short film Let Me In, and stunt work on blockbusters including The Hunger Games, Project X and The Ring Two.

Moio has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is very capable in gymnastics, along with many other physical skills. He currently resides in Woodland Hills, California.