Christmas Or Thanksgiving Dinner - Which Is Better? Watch These Freeform Stars Decide

And don't forget to place your vote too.

Prepare to make the hardest holiday decision of your entire life.

But don't worry, because the cast members of Grown-ish, Cloak & Dagger, and Shadowhunters - with a few other Freeform stars - are here to give you their perspective! So check out what they say, place your vote, and then sit back and relax this holiday season with our growing library of Christmas movies here on Freeform.

We love what Hayden and Maia of The Fosters think.

That much food can always be eaten, Maia.

Esther Povitsky of Alone Together knows what's up.

Score 1 to Christmas.

Some members of the Grown-ish gang have hilariously different answers.

Yara Shahidi with the super cute answer, Francia Raisa with the super direct one.

Beyond's Michael McGrady shares some of his textbook McGrady wisdom.

We love the Christmas sweater vest too!

Nikohl Boosheri of The Bold Type knows exactly what she likes.

We wish we were Canadian.

The cast of Cloak & Dagger enter the festive fray.

We guess we'll meet you at Olivia Holt's place next Thanksgiving. 🍗

And, just like always, the Shadowhunters cast take the question very seriously.

Matthew Daddario back at it again with the great answers.

And now it's your turn! What's better?

What did you vote for? Let us know in the comments.

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