Freeform Exclusive: Watch The Premiere Of Sia's Video "Underneath The Mistletoe"

How will the tale of a girl and her snow monster end?

Sia's new music video for "Underneath the Mistletoe" from her holiday album Everday Is Christmas is here and it definitely feels like Christmas! If you haven't already, check out the beginning of the winter saga about a little girl and her unlikely friend in Sia's videos for "Candy Cane Lane" and "Ho Ho Ho". Then, watch the final piece of the trilogy below!

We're not crying, it's just snowflakes on our face ❄️. The heartwarming tale, brought to life by director Lior Molcho of Neon Cat, was an undertaking worthy of Santa's elves. We were lucky to get a little insight into the process from Lior himself:

"'[Underneath the] Mistletoe' was really the most difficult to make. The puppets' acting had to be very subtle, instead of runs and jumps, on 'Mistletoe', the tiny smiles, a length of a hug became the focus of our work."

Lior Molcho

Along with perfecting every smile, transforming winterscapes into clay also took a lot of work. The solution to making everything pop? Good old glitter:

"Real ice is plain white and doesn't look too magical. Getting the frozen lake to look interesting took quite a bit experimenting, we finally noticed that a bit of glitter shimmering added depth to the lake, so we covered it with a few bags of glitter and that seems to do the trick. "

Lior Molcho

There were so many great scenes in the videos, but Lior says his favorite was when the little girl gets back home:

"I wanted it to look like a classic Christmas movie so we kept adding more and more light strings to decorate the background of shots, I think we used about 1200 LEDs. "

Lior Molcho

We think Lior succeeded not only in capturing the beauty of some of our favorite Christmas classics, but their spirit too:

"Sia's music always talks about inclusiveness and embracing diversity, I hope the story we wrote does the same."

Lior Molcho

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