Can You Help These Heartbroken TV Characters Find Romance?

Time to play matchmaker!

These characters have all been unlucky in love, but maybe you can help them out. So far they've failed to find a bae in their own shows, so now it's time to branch out to different shows! Vote for the TV couples you think would be a perfect match. To help you decided, you can watch all these shows and more here.

Which of the "Beyond" gals should Jace get to know?

And which "Greek" guy could be right for Izzy?

Which "Make It or Break It" girl should Luke date?

Or is one of the "Bunheads" his true soul mate?

Which of the "Stitchers" should Dawson be with?

And should Lauren hook up with one of "Wildfire" boys?

Watch full episodes of your favorite shows here!

And tell us in the comments which couples you voted for.

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