Celebrate #BiWeek With Our Favorite Bisexual TV Characters

"I fall in love with the soul before the sex." 🌈

This #BiWeek we're celebrating the amazing bisexual characters on Shadowhunters, The Bold Type, and Famous in Love. Read up on their stories then see them unfold by streaming all three shows here on Freeform.

Magnus Bane

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Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn and forms one half of Malec, the Shadow World's power couple. Magnus is open about his bisexuality, and was previously in an on-off relationship with Camille, a Vampire. While there is often distrust between Downworlders and Shadowhunters, ultimately nothing stands in the way of Magnus' love for Alec. Binge seasons 1 and 2 of Shadowhunters now.

Kat Edison

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Fans of The Bold Type will already have fallen in love with Kat, the fearless social media director at Scarlet Magazine. Previously believing herself to be straight, Kat finds herself falling head over heels for Adena, an artist who is a proud Muslim lesbian. Kadena's relationship falters at times, but it's clear that they have a special connection. Watch all of season 1 right now.

Alexis Glenn

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Clever Alexis is America's sweetheart but she's also a thorn in Paige's side in the dark world of Hollywood. Alexis' friends know she is bisexual, but she hides her past love affair with fellow actress Rachel Davis from the public, as she believes it will tarnish her image. At first, Alexis comes across as devious, but we see through her relationship with Jake, Paige's best friend, that she's a woman wants to control her own destiny. Binge season 1 of Famous in Love now.

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You can see all these characters in action right here on Freeform.

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