Happy National Pet Day! Here's 30 Adorable Photos Of TV Stars With Their Pets

Prepare to feel your heart melt.

To celebrate National Pet Day, we've compiled some super cute photos of our favorite TV stars with their four legged friends. Enjoy! And don't forget, you can see all of these TV stars in action right here on Freeform.

Pretty Little Liars

1. Lucy Hale is totally in love with her puppy Elvis.

Mama ❀️

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2. Sasha has two Great Danes, Lady and Levi.

Baby love πŸ’ž#ladyandlevi #greatdanesofinstagram

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3. Watch Tyler's dog Dylan try to catch a bit of ham in slow motion!

Dylan is cool.

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4. Shay takes her doggy on the most scenic walks ever.

Reunited πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸΊ

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5. Ian Harding has Labradoodles! This little guy is called Bailey.


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Famous In Love

6. Bella Thorne is obsessed with her cats, Louis and Lola.

7. And her cast mate Pepi Sonuga shares her love of kitties.

Nova's first Halloween so I dressed like her ancestors... which is really my blood line too tbh

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8. Georgie Flores takes her bull dog Archie everywhere she goes.


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9. Alberto Rosende and Dom Sherwood (aka Domberto) both adopted kittens. This is Stella.

Mood #MondayMotivation #Catnaps

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10. And here's Dom with Rajah.

I guess I talk too much

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11. Jade HassounΓ©'s cat is gigantic!

This #creature .

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12. Almost all of the Shadowhunters cast have pets. Here's Harry's terrier.

This is joy. Joyful Friday.

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13. David Castro owns a very handsome Doberman.

Semper fidelis

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14. And Alisha Wainwright has a scruffy little pooch called Duncan.


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15. Dilan Gwyn loves all kinds of animals, especially cats.

16. Romy Rosemont can't stop posting photos of her dogs on social media.

Sunday morning in Southern California. I like it!

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17. And Eden Brolin had a pet fish for a while, before she threw it back in the water!


18. Salli Richardson-Whitfield's two dogs are in love with each other.

If you're having a bad day this might make you smile. My dogs love each other. #dogsandpals #dogsrule #animelove #animalslife

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19. Kyle Harris has a seriously cute pup.

Who wouldn't want to spend the weekend with these #MenOfScience?! 😍 #Stitchers Photo via @EmmaIshta.

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20. And Damon Dayoub uses his fluffy friend as a pillow!

Morning snuggles

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Baby Daddy

21. Derek Theler and his beautiful white lab Neptune are inseparable.

That's too tight...

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22. And here's Neptune on a play date with Melissa Peterman's dog Junior!

23. Chelsea Kane is a animal lover too! Here she is with Gin the horse.

I'm doing a taste test with Gin.

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24. And check out Peter Porte chilling with a falcon!

πŸ¦… caw caw

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Young & Hungry

25. Emily Osment's dog doesn't play by the rules.

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26. Jonathan Sadowski has a pit bull pup named Moxie.

Happy #NationalPuppyDay! This is a #tbt to one of the first days Moxie was a part of our family... #pitbullsofinstagram

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27. And Aimee Carrero's friendly fur ball is called Moose.

A Dreamer Examines Her Pillow

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The Fosters

28. David Lambert's puppy Theo might be the most adorable thing we've ever seen.

29. And Sherri Saum has a perfectly trained canine companion too.

Shameless and poorly performed canine manipulation @thefosterstv @freeform

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The Twins: Happily Ever After?

30. Emily and Haley's mom Jill has five dachshunds: Buddy Love, Patch, Timber, Toby and Mazie!

See all of these TV stars in action right here on Freeform.

And tell us in the comments which pet you think is the cutest.

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