Introducing Freeform's First Original Podcast Series: "A Little Forward"

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Freeform's "A Little Forward" is a weekly podcast that kicks down the walls of conformity. Hosts Jenny Yang and April Quioh confab about everything from dating to human rights, including exclusive interviews from the stars of Freeform's biggest shows. So join them, and wannabe life coach Matt Bellassai, as they try to tackle life's messiest problems and move society's convo...a little forward. Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your pods!

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About our Hosts:

  • Jenny Yang is an award-winning, Los Angeles-based standup comedian, content creator, comedy tour and festival organizer, speaker, and professional opinion-haver best known for her viral comedy videos and satirical pop culture and political commentary.

  • April Korto Quioh is a writer, comedian and co-host of She's All Fat Podcast. She grew up in a matriarchal household in Minneapolis, Minnesota. April currently resides in the nut-milk-obsessed city of Los Angeles, where she continues to live and write about popular culture, love, her Liberian-American identity and blackness.

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