Listen To Our Pretty Famous Contest Winner's Cover Of The PLL Theme Song!

Her voice is just beautiful.

Our Pretty Famous Contest winner is Cassie with her amazing cover of the Pretty Little Liars theme song “Secret” originally performed by The Pierces. She got to meet I. Marlene King and the cast of Famous in Love, and even live tweeted with them during S1E5! Watch Cassie's winning entry and check out our interview with her below.

Watch Cassie's winning cover.

We got the chance to interview Cassie when she came to Los Angeles.

1. What do you love most about Pretty Little Liars?

2. Who is your favorite PLL character?

"Probably Aria. I just feel like she's really kind hearted and nice. I like her and Ezra's relationship, so she's probably one of my favorite characters."


3. Are you a fan of Famous in Love too? What do you like most about it?

You can binge watch Season 1 of Famous In Love right here on Freeform!

4. Who is your favorite character on Famous in Love?

"My favorite character from Famous in Love is... I can't pick one! I like them all, they're so awesome and they're such good actors and actresses."


5. What is the most exciting thing about winning the Pretty Famous Contest?

6. What made you want to enter the Pretty Famous Contest?

"Ever since I was younger, I've always liked to sing and act. Just getting a chance to be a part of that, even for a little while, is the opportunity of a lifetime!"


7. How long have you been singing?

8. What else can you tell us about about yourself?

I work at a cheese factory. I'm a lab tech so I test all the cheese and make sure it's good for you guys to eat in your pizza!

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And don't forget to binge Famous in Love here!

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