Marvel’s New Warriors Featuring Squirrel Girl is Coming to Freeform

Did we mention it's going to star Squirrel Girl?

Marvel and Freeform are working together to bring you the latest Marvel installment, Marvel's New Warriors!

Freeform, Marvel Television, and ABC Signature -- who are producing Marvel's Cloak & Dagger -- are joining forces again to produce Marvel's New Warriors, a live-adaptation of the popular Marvel comic series featuring young adult heroes.This marks Marvel's first foray into comedy for a TV series, with ten episodes set to debut in 2018.

And it's a show that's got it all!

The show focuses on six young people who all possess powers, and who live and work together while trying to make a difference in the world... even if the world isn't quite ready for them. Their powers and abilities are on the opposite end of the spectrum of The Avengers' -- not quite super, not yet heroes. The show is about that time in your life when you first enter adulthood and feel like you can do everything and nothing at once. Except that in this world, bad guys can be just as terrifying as bad dates.

Marvel fans will be excited to hear that the new show will feature "Squirrel Girl" (Doreen Green)!

Doreen is tough, optimistic, and a natural leader with all the powers of a squirrel... She's acrobatic, she can fight and she can talk to other squirrels. Her most important ability is that she has faith in people and teaches them to believe in themselves. Additional cast and characters will be announced soon!

Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory will also be serving as executive producers on the series.

Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory, have been executive producers for several Marvel TV shows (Marvel's The Punisher, Marvel's The Defenders). Jeph was quoted as saying, "After the amazing experience we've had with Freeform on Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, we can't think of a better place for our young heroes." Exciting times are ahead!

Are you just as excited as us to hear about Marvel's New Warriors?

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