Support FosterMore's #DonateYourSmallTalk Campaign To Help Kids In Foster Care

Let's talk about the more than 400,000 kids in the foster care system.

FosterMore is a coalition of entertainment, media, business and philanthropic organizations working to deliver a better future for America’s foster care youth. Today they kick off their #DonateYourSmallTalk campaign to raise the volume about foster care, one short conversation at a time! The premise is simple — just talking about foster care can help millions of kids who are currently in the foster care system or were in the system at some point in their lives.

May is National Foster Care Month!

With more than 400,000 children currently in foster care, FosterMore’s #DonateYourSmallTalk aims to keep foster care children, foster youth and foster care families top of mind. Instead of talking about the weather, the weekend or lunch plans, FosterMore is encouraging people to donate their small talk time to foster care. The goal is to inspire dialogue and action around foster care action that could impact lives.

"We are proud to launch the #DonateYourSmallTalk campaign where through the power of words and conversations, we ensure foster care children are at the center of everyday conversations and more importantly, set up for success when they grow up. Like all children, foster children and youth have dreams, aspirations and unlimited potential. Foster youth need not only loving and safe homes to live in, but also resources that can create paths of opportunities."

David Ambroz, founder of FosterMore

FosterMore and Give Back pledge to give college scholarships to foster youth

In addition to #DonateYourSmallTalk, FosterMore is partnering with Give Back to issue $5 million in college scholarships to foster youth who are in high school in California, Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The Give Back scholarship, together with federal and state financial aid, covers tuition, standard fees, and room and board expenses. Give Back will select 250 students over the next four years, and the scholarship is contingent on their acceptance to one of the 29 partnering colleges. Give Back provides mentoring, college readiness programs and scholarships to students who face adversity every day and are academically driven.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with FosterMore to help high-achieving foster youth fulfill their dream to go to college with our scholarship program. Education provides children with elevated opportunities for success, and every child, no matter their circumstances, should be able to attend college."

Robert Carr, founder of Give Back

FosterMore encourages everyone – whether to become a foster parent, offer resources or simply donate their small talk – to play a part in ensuring that foster youth receive the support, nurturing and guidance they need to succeed in life. Visit and for more information.

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