62 Thoughts You Have When You're Not A Birthday Person

"This is the worst 24 hours of my life."

It became very clear in the latest episode of Alone Together that Benji is definitely not a birthday person (although fried chicken and beer can make it better). Do you feel the same? See if you relate to our list of thoughts you have when you hate your birthday.

Alone Together - 62 Thoughts You Have When You're Not A Birthday Person - 1002

1. Oh God.

2. It's my birthday.

3. I don't feel any older...

4. Well, of course I don't feel any older.

5. Why would I?

6. Will people even remember it's my birthday?

7. Pffft, of course they will.

8. They all love that there's an excuse for a party.

9. That's all a birthday is, isn't it?

10. Just an excuse for your friends to have a party.

11. Okay, so my friends will definitely remember but the people at work probably won't.

*later at work*

12. Ugh, why did I have to give my boss my date of birth?

13. The card on my desk was enough.

14. They didn't need to do anything else.

15. But now there's the present.

16. And I just know that even if I like the present, it's not going to sound like it when I open it.

17. Yep. I sound incredibly fake.

18. I should probably stop saying how much I love my present.

19. And oh God, someone's gone off to the kitchen.

Alone Together - 62 Thoughts You Have When You're Not A Birthday Person - 1023

20. We all know what that means...

21. There's a cake.

22. And when there's a cake, there's the song.

23. And it's begun.

24. I don't know where to look.

25. I've been fake smiling for what feels like a really long time now.

26. Anyone above the age of five should not have 'Happy Birthday' sung to them.

27. Quite frankly it's degrading.

28. Oh it's over.

29. I thought it would never end.

30. I don't need to make a speech, do I?

31. I'm just going to go with a casual "thanks".


32. So at least the work day is almost over.

33. It hasn't been too bad since the whole 'Happy Birthday' debacle.

34. And at least I had some cake to eat with my afternoon cup of coffee.

35. But was it worth the singing?

36. Probably not.

37. I hope no one else sings to me today.

38. Just dinner with my friends to go now.

39. I don't know why I agreed to this.

40. They will definitely not make me feel better about things.

41. Can I cancel?

42. Ugh, no.

43. They totally won't believe me if I tell them I'm sick.

44. They better pay for my dinner.

45. But without focusing too much attention on me.


46. I can't believe they're making me wear this stupid hat.

47. And if one more person asks me how it feels being a year older, I'm going to scream.

48. At least they haven't sang 'Happy Birthday'.

49. And it doesn't look like they're going to!

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50. If it was going to happen, it would have happened before dessert.

51. We've already had our dessert.

52. Right?

53. Wow.

54. They've finally got it.

55. They know how much I hate being the center of attention.

56. Which is really the whole reason I hate birthdays in the first place.

57. And yep, someone's just asked for the check.

58. They're really not going to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me.

59. I can't believe they didn't sing 'Happy Birthday' to me.

60. Why didn't they sing me 'Happy Birthday'?

61. I feel so unloved.

62. Birthdays suck.

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