Meet Benji And Esther From Alone Together

Stop asking if they're dating...they're not.

Alone Together follows two millenials with no status trying to make their way in status-obsessed Los Angeles. Get to know the stars of the show, real-life best friends Esther Povitsky and Benji Aflalo, who play comic versions of themselves named Esther and Benji. Look, the names just fit, what can we say?

Meet Esther and Benji, red carpet experts.

why stand when you can sit: it’s how i bathe and how i socialize

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They made their names in stand-up comedy.

Guess how many actresses are throwing themselves at me? Rhymes with hero...

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They have a lot of things in common.

king & queen of arguing. #alonetogether

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Arguing, sharing food and being awkward are just some of their favorite activities.

They don't let any food go to waste.

Again, not a couple.

They have a billboard.

Esther's other best friend is her furry companion Donut.

i’ve had donut for ONE YEAR. we’re on mostly good terms one year in.

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Who is also on mostly good terms with Benji.

They love visiting beautiful places together.

woman's best friend

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We have a sudden urge to road trip.

Benji also takes photos in front of flowers.

Loneliest guy at a wedding award goes to...

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And has a great sense of style.

Lastly, they're really great at posing for photos.

We can't wait to see them do more posing in Alone Together.

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Catch the premiere of Alone Together on January 10 at 8:30/7:30c and stream the first episode here now on Freeform.

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