Being Newlyweds As Told By Baby Daddy: Expectation Vs. Reality

This new chapter of your life together is going to be just beautiful, right?

How great is it that Danny and Riley are finally married?!

Their wedding in Season 6 Episode 8 was so beautiful, but in Episode 9, like any newlyweds, they were learning that being married can come with a few teething problems -- like not being able to agree on where they were going to live. They were eventually able to work it out but it took some compromising. So, if you're thinking of heading down the aisle one day, make sure you check out our list below, so you'll really know what to expect when you're a newlywed. And don't forget, you can catch up the latest episodes of Baby Daddy, here on Freeform!

Romantic nights in.

You've just got married, you're still living off that post-wedding euphoria so you'll have countless romantic nights in, right? Steamy bubble baths, candles, chocolate covered strawberries, the works... Not so much. You're more likely to be spending your evenings in lying on the couch, eating take out. But hey, whatever, as long as you're spending time together and you're happy that's okay.

Making some home improvements.

Now you're married, you want to make the perfect home together -- you know, the kind you've been creating pin boards of for months. But you also just spent all your money on a wedding, so instead of hiring in a contractor, you'll probably try your hand at some DIY which could result in a few mishaps... So before you create a flood in your kitchen, or put a hole through your wall, maybe save some money to get the professionals in.

Bonding with your in-laws.

It's going to be just like having a second family! People that you can rely on and share happy memories with. But like your own family, you'll also share disagreements with them and get annoyed at them. The reality is that you'll probably have ups and downs with your in-laws, but at the end of the day you'll love and support each other just like any family would.

Grand displays of affection.

This is a thing, right? You're married, you love each other more than ever, so why wouldn't you want to express that love as loudly and proudly as you can. You know, with big bouquets of flowers, surprise vacations, that kind of thing. Well, you'll probably experience plenty of displays of affection, maybe not necessarily grand ones. It'll be things like running you a bath after a long day at work, or making them a coffee before they get out of bed in the morning. When you're married, it's these little displays of affection that can really make the difference and show each other how much you care.

Planning your future.

Well, you wouldn't have got married in the first place if you didn't have a pretty good idea that you were both on the same page about your future together. But, you know what, life is full of the unexpected! Things change and it may mean that you sometimes have different opinions on stuff -- like what type of house you should live in or what area is best for bringing up a family. It might be different from how you imagined before you got married, but as long as you can compromise and make decisions that you both agree on then your future together is going to be pretty great.

Starting a family.

It's your first child together so of course you want everything to be perfect, and you'll definitely want to buy all the best baby stuff! But all of that stuff is super expensive, so you're probably going to have to be a bit more realistic with your budget. It's okay if you can't buy the absolute best stroller or crib, your baby is going to be just fine with the one that you can afford. This is a super exciting time for you both, so don't get caught up in what you do and don't have, just enjoy the prospect of welcoming another addition to your family!

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