Check Out These Hilarious Chelsea Kane Moments From The Official #BabyDaddyChat

Raise your glasses for Freeform's Happy Hour with Chelsea Kane!

Did you get a chance to be a part of the conversation during the Baby Daddy premiere yesterday?

It was great to get a chance to tweet with Chelsea Kane, but don't worry if you missed it because we've got all the best Chelsea tweets right here!

1. Chelsea dropped a bunch of little hints about the rest of Season 6.

We're so excited to see all this stuff happen on Baby Daddy!

2. She had some super exciting news about Emma.

We can't wait to see her talking!

3. And she told us this ADORABLE story about Sura and Kayleigh, the twins who play Emma.

We'd have been confused too.

4. Have you ever wondered what snacks the Baby Daddy cast get to munch on while they're filming?

Sounds super yummy!

5. Chelsea told us one of her favorite things about Riley.

That's why we love Riley too!

6. She let us know what her all-time favorite Baby Daddy episode is.

That's a good one, to be fair.

7. Chelsea let us in on one of her deepest, darkest fears.

In her defense, revolving doors are terrifying.

8. She gave some great advice to all the budding actors out there!

9. Also, she had some super inspirational life advice for us.


10. And, like the total sweetheart she is, her sign off from the live-tweet was absolutely adorable.

Thank YOU Chelsea for tweeting with us!

What was your favorite moment from the #BabyDaddyChat this week? Let us know in the comments!

You can rewatch the hilarious Season 6 premiere right here!

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