The Top 5 Things We've Got To Look Forward To On Season 6 Of Baby Daddy

Mondays are our new favorite day.

1. Danny and Riley's baby!

Baby Daddy - The Top 5 Things We've Got To Look Forward To On Season 6 Of Baby Daddy - 1001

Season 5 ended on such an exciting note! We can't wait to meet this gorgeous couple's baby. Emma's going to have a cousin, Bonnie's going to have another grandchild, Tucker will be an uncle (sort of), and Danny and Riley will be such amazing parents.

2. Ben finding The One.

Baby Daddy - The Top 5 Things We've Got To Look Forward To On Season 6 Of Baby Daddy - 1002

So he may have only seen her three times, but when you know, you KNOW. Ben is determined to marry this Elle, move to Connecticut, get a dog called Dude, and make three brothers for Emma (Benny, Benjamin, and Benzo). And we're not going to lie, we kind of hope he does! Remember when Elle picked up Emma's toy in the Season 5 Finale? She seemed so sweet!

3. More hilarious Bonnie moments.

Baby Daddy - The Top 5 Things We've Got To Look Forward To On Season 6 Of Baby Daddy - 1003

We seriously can't get enough of these. What other tips is she going to pass onto Riley during her pregnancy? Will she continue to tell her that she can just carry on drinking until she starts to show? Who knows! And how will she be with Brad? At least she's finally told him that she doesn't want to travel the world. A long weekend is a lot more realistic.

4. And sassy Emma moments.

Baby Daddy - The Top 5 Things We've Got To Look Forward To On Season 6 Of Baby Daddy - 1004

This girl is just too cute. And she's getting SO grown-up! She's great at keeping her dad in line, reminding him what the love of his life looks like and the color of his favorite shirt. We honestly don't know what Ben would do without her...

5. Finding out why Tucker had to leave LA.

Baby Daddy - The Top 5 Things We've Got To Look Forward To On Season 6 Of Baby Daddy - 1005

Why did he have to leave? It was his dream job! Emma is the only person who knows why and we're pretty sure she's not going to spill his secret. What on earth could have happened? At least we can expect more hilarious moments to come in the meantime. Will Tucker get snap, crackle, drunk for breakfast every morning?

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S1 E1


S1 E2

I Told You So

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The Nurse and the Curse

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Guys, Interrupted

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Take Her Out of the Ballgame

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A Wheeler Family Christmas Outing

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Whatever Lola Wants

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All Riled Up

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The Emma Dilemma

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Emma's First Christmas

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The Naked Truth

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The Lying Game

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Lights! Camera! No Action!

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Bonnie's Unreal Estate

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Life's a Beach

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Romancing the Phone

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The Bet

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A Knight to Remember

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Go Brit or Go Home

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An Affair Not to Remember

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The Wingmom

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Send in the Clowns

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Play It Again, Bonnie

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Livin' on a Prom

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From Here to Paternity

S3 E16

Curious Georgie

S3 E17

Flirty Dancing

S3 E18

Baby Steps

S3 E19

Foos It or Lose It

S3 E20

All Aboard the Love Train

S3 E21

You Can't Go Home Again

S4 E1

Strip or Treat

S4 E2

It's a Wonderful Emma

S4 E3

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Note

S4 E4

I See Crazy People

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Mugging for the Camera

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Over My Dead Bonnie

S4 E7

The Mother of All Dates

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House of Cards

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An Officer and a Gentle Ben

S4 E10

Happy Birthday Two You

S4 E11

You Give Real Estate a Bad Name

S4 E12

A Love/Fate Relationship

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Home Is Where the Wheeler Is

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It Takes a Village Idiot

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One Night Stand Off

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Lowering the Bars

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Wheeler War

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Parental Guidance Suggested

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Ring Around the Party

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Til Dress Do Us Part

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What Happens In Vegas

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It's a Nice Day for a Wheeler Wedding

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Love & Carriage

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Reinventing the Wheeler

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The Tuck Stops Here

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The Dating Game

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Never Ben Jealous

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The Return of the Mommy

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Stupid Cupid

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Homecoming and Going

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Trial by Liar

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High School Diplomacy

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Not So Great Grandma

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Unholy Matrimony

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Double Date Double Down

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The Love Seat

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She Said, Ben Said

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Condom Conundrum

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My Fair Emma

S6 E1

To Elle and Back

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Pro and Con

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Ben Rides a Unicorn

S6 E4

A Mother of a Day

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When Elle Freezes Over

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The Third Wheeler

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The Sonny-moon

S6 E8

You Cruise, You Lose

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The Rebound

S6 E10

What's in the Box?!

S6 E11

Daddy's Girl


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