10 Moments When The Beyond Cast Absolutely Killed It This Week!

And a massive congrats to the whole cast on being picked up for another season!

1. The guys were at the Freeform office live-tweeting Monday's episode!

And it was HILARIOUS!

2. Jon's been making gorgeous photography as usual.


A photo posted by Jonathan Whitesell (@jonwhitesell) on

We didn't think anyone could really be this handsome and talented all at once, but here we are.

3. Peter Kelamis shared this HILARIOUS pic with his stunt double.

Also did we mention there's going to be a second season?!

4. Although he was probably getting a little TOO into his character...

Why is Yellow Jacket so scary?!

5. Eden's being a complete goofball, again.

We love her so much!

6. Also she unknowingly made us a brand new meme.

We're going to call this one "The Sudden Realization of Eden".

7. And here's an obligatory photo of Romy's dogs.

Sunday morning in Southern California. I like it!

A photo posted by Romy Rosemont (@romyrosemont) on

They're just too cute not to put on this list!

8. The gang all went to the Television Critics Association!

#BTS selfie at #TCA17! #beyondtvseries ใƒปใƒปใƒป #Repost @beyond

A photo posted by Dilan Gwyn (@dilangwyn) on

And it was AMAZING! #TCA17

9. And Michael was looking fly as heck!

We wish we could look this dapper!

10. Also, the guys found out about Season 2 right in the middle of the panel!


How excited were you when you heard about the Season 2 announcement?

Let us know in the comments!

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