12 Times The Cast Made Our Lives So Much Better This Week

These guys never fail to brighten our day!

1. The best bromance on TV took a trip to Atlanta.

Off to Atlanta for #atvfest ✈ See you soon @romyrosemont & @aj_nuss !

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Look at how perfect they are together!

2. But first they had a few hours to kill in the airport.

3. Michael McGrady was being his usual playful self.

When your friend says they haven't binge watched all of #Beyond yet. Get to it!

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Michael is officially down with the kids!

4. Romy's lovely dog was feeling lonely.

I hope she comes home soon...I have to pee!

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He's got his own doggy window, how cute is that?

5. Jon was feeling sorry for his on screen persona!

That caption is just excellent.

6. Burkely was drenched in (fake) blood!

That shirt needs a wash, he should take it off right now.

7. Dilan reminded us we'll never be as cool as her squad!

Swagalicious with @bduffield and @jonwhitesell #tbt

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8. Mama Matthews and her sons shared the love.

#BTS hugs! 🤗 #Beyond

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Jon looks like the happiest person in the world!

9. Eden lounged on car because she's just effortlessly cool like that.

Is that even her car? Who knows?

10. The cast were looking forward to live tweeting another episode of Beyond.

11. The Matthews boys defended their mom!

12. We love how much this cast enjoy messing with each other!

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