8 Reasons We've Been Completely Obsessed With The Beyond Cast This Week

Your faves are back and better than ever!

1. Romy's been sharing some wisdom with us.

This makes sense to me!

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Makes you think!

2. Dilan has been showing us all how to box.

Such good form! We think?

3. Jonathan's tweets beyond punny!

4. Burkely was being a total sweetheart while live-tweeting.

5. Holden and Yellow Jacket were in a super serious staring contest.

When you can't keep a serious face. πŸ˜‚ #Beyond

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Spoiler alert: nobody wins.

6. Burkely and Romy were the most adorable mother/son combo ever!

Such cuties!

7. Michael gave us some interesting thoughts on Charlie's character.

We are totally in love with Charlie too!

8. Jonathan and Dilan had a seriously hilarious conversation.

We all know what the real Holden ship should be, right guys?

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