9 Times The Beyond Cast Were Absolutely Killing It This Week

We're back again with your weekly dose of our fave cast ever!

This week's episode was a serious roller coaster ride of emotions.

And we're so excited for the season finale! But what have our faves been up to? WELL, the #BeyondChat was absolutely flawless, there was an announcement about Eden that got us super excited, there were more gorgeous dogs, Peter Kelamis told us a secret about Yellow Jacket, and everyone got super emotional about next week being the finale. Check it all out right now!

1. Dilan was ultra gorgeous, as per usual.


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She's just so stunning!

2. Again, Romy's dog was ADORABLE.

But I don't want to get up!

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We love this dog so much!

3. Oh also, we found out that Peter has a dog as well.

Welcome to the #PupsOfBeyond, Zilla!

4. And then there were all the HILARIOUS tweets from the #BeyondChat!

How could we forget?!

5. Peter gave us some real insight into Yellow Jacket's character

Interesting, maybe Yellow Jacket could take up a whole new career in Season 2?

6. Dilan and Burkely were on fire with their tweeting.

#TomatoTime should become a legit thing in the Beyond fandom, right guys?

7. Dilan was getting the squad together.

#BeyondSquad is the best squad.

8. Also, everybody is FREAKING OUT about the finale next week!

We can't believe it's almost over already!

9. And also, did you hear the absolutely AMAZING news?

We're going to get more Charlie!

Did you know you can re-watch all of Beyond right here on Freeform?

Leave a comment to let us know what your fave #BeyondChat moment was from this week!

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