Check Out How The Beyond Cast Are Celebrating Christmas!

Your new favorite show wishes you a very merry holiday season!

1. So Burkely's been hanging with reindeer.

Which is a totally normal thing to do, right?

2. Michael McGrady gave us some super talented holiday art.

We can't believe he painted this himself!

3. Jeff Pierre has been getting WAY too jolly.

Waiting for the holidays like . . . #Beyond

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No more eggnog for you!

4. Dilan Gwyn isn't sure which list she belongs on.

We're 100% sure that she's on the nice list. We've checked it. Twice.

5. Romy's Christmas decorations are up to no good.

Uh oh, Frosty took out Santa

A photo posted by Romy Rosemont (@romyrosemont) on

Not again, Frosty!

6. AND she tried her hand at a bit of festive photoshopping.

That woman has mad skills.

7. Jonathan has been indulging in his mischievous side.

🎄⛄️❄️ // @jonwhitesell #Beyond

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He better be careful to stay off the naughty list!

8. But he also took this SUPER artsy selfie.


A photo posted by Jonathan Whitesell (@jonwhitesell) on

Such a classy Christmas!

How are you celebrating the holidays this year?

Let us know in the comments below!

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