Have You Been Obsessed With Episode 5's Soundtrack? Check Out The Music Guide Here!

Beyond just gets better and better!

1. Holden anxiously waits for Jamie while Luke and Riley poke fun at him.

And while they ridicule his corsage, they're listening to 'Party Down' by Freedom Fry!

2. Jamie and Holden blatantly flirt with each other at dinner while Luke and Riley exchange knowing looks.

And while the romance blossoms, 'Every Nerve Alert' by Fine China plays in the background.

3. Jamie decides to pick out a song for Holden to sing.

In the background, a dude belts out an interesting rendition of 'Heat Of The Moment' by Asia.

4. Holden and Jamie sing a HILARIOUS rendition of a really romantic song, but something goes wrong...

And as Holden runs off stage, the backing track for 'I Try' by Macy Gray continues to play.

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