The 8 Best Comments The Beyond Cast and Creators Made On The TCA Panel!

Find out what the cast really think about their characters.

The Beyond cast tweeted throughout the TCA event so we could all be in on the action.

Thanks guys!

1. Jon had this to say about his character, Luke:

Aww Jon, we think Luke is enough!

2. Burkely was super stoked about being able to play Holden.

He was the perfect choice, right?

3. Romy, who plays Holden's mom, said they were a family both on screen and off.

This makes us so happy that they all really get along!

4. Dilan shared her thoughts about her character Willa.

But she forgot to say: strong, smart, determined, and just generally kick-ass!

5. Michael, who plays Holden's dad, seems to have been made for the role.

And we think he does an awesome job at it!

6. Executive Producer Tim Kring spoke about the important family element of the show.

Which is important because...

7. Writer and creator Adam Nussdorf's description of Beyond is:

That's totally it, right?

8. And Burkely summarized all of our feelings about this show!

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

And a second season of Beyond was announced!


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