The Beyond Cast Are Just As Excited For Halloween As We Are!

Check out these super cute cast photos right now.

1. Romy Rosemont looked very serious posing with her pumpkin!

Is she trying to bewitch us? Because it's working.

2. But Jeff just looked cute!

He looks like a proud father!

3. Michael McGrady somehow makes carrying a pumpkin on your shoulder look cool.

4. We don't even know what this pose is!

5. Dilan transformed herself into a vampire!

She makes a very friendly looking vampire!

6. Jonathan couldn't wait till Halloween to dress up!

#FridayFeeling #Beyond

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7. Burkely and Jonathan took spooky selfies on set!

They're clearly in the Halloween spirit.

8. But we could never be scared of these two!

No fun was had that day... None at all. 🙃📸

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They are far too cute.

9. Their bromance is just adorable!

When the selfie is actually a video. 😂 #Beyond

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How are you celebrating Halloween?

Tell us in the comments!

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