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Alberto Frezza Deputy Garrett Sykes

Alberto Frezza has quickly made an impression as a rising star and one to watch in Hollywood.

Born in Italy and raised in Ethiopia, Frezza grew up as an athlete with hopes of becoming a professional soccer player. During this same time, he discovered the movie “Stand By Me,” and his love of film and acting was born. He watched the movie after school and each day he would envision himself as a future actor.

With high school graduation pending in Milan, Frezza was contemplating college applications when he met a rep from NY Film Academy at a school college day. Frezza applied and with his acceptance he launched his dream of becoming an actor. He began the two-year program in 2007, starring in numerous student and school projects along the way. In 2009, Frezza graduated from NY film school and headed to Los Angeles.

Upon his arrival in Los Angeles, Frezza began booking roles immediately. He won his first feature film audition for “Angel Falls In Love” and booked television roles on shows such as “Charlie's Angels” and “Touch.” Frezza also appeared in the independent film “Battle Force.” That film was written, shot and produced in 14 days as part of a film competition. That film was eventually picked up by Lionsgate. This early momentum led to his casting as ‘Paulo’ in the 2014 Anchor Bay film “Born to Race: Fast Track.” The film followed the tumultuous lives of drivers in the racing world.

Frezza is an avid environmental advocate and outdoorsman and currently dividing his time between Vancouver and Los Angeles.

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