14 Awesome Dead Of Summer Cast Moments You Might Have Missed Last Week!

Have you been paying attention?

1. The campers have arrived at Camp Stillwater!

We hope you stay. #DeadofSummer

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They're getting settled in and preparing for a summer of fun!

2. Last week Blotter got into some trouble...

What's happening to Blotter? 😳😦 @DeadofSummertv @Freeform #deadofsummer #freeform #acid

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We were freaking out!

3. We loved learning more about Alex!

"Laundromat Alex" #TBT #Freeform #DeadOfSummer

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"Laundromat Alex" may be our favorite nickname ever.

4. He has a very interesting life philosophy...

Alex Doesn't Mess Around #DeadOfSummer

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Get yours, Alex!

5. Eli was adorable as Joel with his handycam!

That thing is basically glued to his hand.

6. While there was a bit of tension between Jessie and Amy!

He'll even bribe little kids. 😳 #DeadofSummer

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Is a love triangle forming?

7. We saw more of the Tall Man!

The Tall man. @tonytoddofficial

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Anyone else find him extremely creepy?

8. Alberto was laying down the law as Deputy Sykes!

Believe what you fear. Don’t miss an ALL NEW episode of @DeadofSummerTV TONIGHT at 9pm|8c on @Freeform! #DeadofSummer

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He's definitely our #MCM!

9. Did you tweet along with the cast last Tuesday?

They're so adorable!

10. They seem to be having a lot of LOLs behind the scenes!

Showing @elizaboon how masculine I am πŸ’ͺ

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Chop that wood, Mark! What a hunk.

11. They're such a fun group of people!


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Looking good, guys!

12. Alberto and Zelda teamed up to give Mark a scare...

13. In conclusion, we are completely obsessed with Dead of Summer!

Do you think we could at least hang out with the cast? #BFFs

14. And we cannot wait to find out more about Amber's character, Cricket, tomorrow night!

Who is the real Cricket?

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