8 Cast Moments To Keep You Going Until The Premiere Of Dead Of Summer!


1. 5 days until the premiere of Dead of Summer...

Get in here. There are only 5 days left until the series premiere of #DeadofSummer.

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2. ...and the cast is looking forward to you meeting their characters!

Deputy Sykes. Watch #deadofsummer on Freeform June 28th. #freeform #abc #deadofsummer

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3. They've been working hard for months to make sure you love this show...

The Multi-Talented @elizaboon #DeadOfSummer 🌞

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4. ...and making sure to get in some sleep in between scenes!

Friends who act together, nap together. 💚 Oh hey, Lail. 🌙 @therealeligoree @elizaboon

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5. Or walk the red carpet looking gorgeous!

Me n' my Lail 🌹 @elizaboon #deadofsummer #pll #premiere

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6. Amber takes adorable pictures with her pup!

True friendship 👅

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7. Amy gives us makeup goals!

So grateful for @lexwmakeup and @stevenmasonlife for making me feel beautiful for the #deadofsummer premiere

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8. We are seriously excited about the premiere!

Look what I just saw while I was walking around the mall 🤘🏼 5 Days @deadofsummertv @freeform

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