8 Exciting Cast Moments You Do Not Want to Miss!

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1. Amber and Mark were totally keeping it real!

Me n my boo thang 🌹

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2. In fact, Mark is officially the king of keeping it real!

When yu get too lit and have to pay the consequences👌

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3. Paulina was becoming at one with nature!

I took this of some buds I said hey buds

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4. Eli went to the aquarium!

At the aquarium

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5. And also had a super fancy lunch!

Out for lunch with my cousin! 😋

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6. Ronen caught some breathtaking sights of Canada!

The mountains, the lake or his face - we don't know what's more beautiful?

7. As did Amber!

I drew a map of Canada Oh, Canada With your face sketched on it twice 🌹

A photo posted by Amber Coney (@amberconey) on

8. And Alberto's photography skills were on point too!

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