Dead Of Summer Episode 4 Official Recap: Modern Love

Time to get to know the real Drew!

Drew was given the name Andrea at birth.

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In a flashback we see a young Drew talking to his mom. He shows his mother a self-portrait where he is depicted as a boy. When he says he is a boy, his mother laughs and tells him that she is a girl and that she can't hide who she is. Back in present day Camp Stillwater, Drew showers in private.

Andrea struggles with her identity.

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Drew is shaking as he looks at himself in the bathroom mirror. He hears the demon child telling him again that he can't hide who he is. As he turns up the music to shut-out the sound he has another flashback. Young Drew longingly watches some boys trying on jackets in the dressing room. His mother interrupts and shows him a yellow outfit that she has selected. Drew reluctantly goes into the dressing room to try it on. When he doesn't re-emerge, his mother enters the cubicle and finds her child crying. Drew says he is bleeding and his mother points out this is a natural thing and it means she is becoming a woman. Drew says this shouldn't happen because he is a boy. Drew’s mother suggests that they get Drew some help.

Drew's mother is in denial.

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In another flashback, Drew is in a therapist's office with his mom. He is trying to explain that he is not Andrea, but Drew. His mother does not understand and is furious that she has wasted money on a therapist. Drew begs her to love him as his true self but she says that he will be Andrea as long as he's living under her roof. Back at camp the counselors are talking about Cricket's dream and the fact that Deb may be involved in the satanic rituals. Meanwhile, a camper brings a mask over to show Drew. When Drew picks it up he sees Andrea’s face and runs out.

Blair comforts Drew.

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Alex shows Cricket and Amy some of the private footage on Joel's camera. They notice a clip of Deb in her room holding an old box which Alex says she had brought back from the woods. Joel finds them with his camera and is furious at the invasion of his privacy. The other counselors try to explain their suspicions about Deb, but he thinks they're crazy. Meanwhile, Blair has gone after Drew to comfort him. Blair thinks that Drew isn't ready to come out as gay. He gives Drew a David Bowie mix tape and says that he first figured out who he was while talking to a girl at camp years ago. He encourages Drew to come to the masquerade ball with him and to trust Blair with his secrets. Blair leaves but as Drew starts to follow he bumps into Jessie. She taunts him by saying that she has recorded footage of him showering which she could show the others at any time.

Drew is running away.

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Cricket, Amy and Alex discuss plans to find out the truth about Deb. Cricket is worried that Joel is in danger. Amy suggests calling Sykes but Cricket and Alex want to find out what's in Deb's secret box. As Amy goes to call the Deputy she sees Drew walking past the cabin with his duffel bag. Amy chases after him and assumes that he's seeing visions. She tells him that she understands but he doesn't believe her. In a flashback, Drew remembers dressing as a girl to please his mom, but keeping a stash of boy's clothes hidden away too. He sneaks out of the house through his bedroom window and his mother finds a flyer promoting a Sonic Youth concert.

Joel could be in danger.

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Joel is filming everyone at the masquerade ball. Blair stands alone waiting for Drew. Jessie spots Deputy Sykes walking in the door and invites him to dance. Amy interrupts to tell Sykes that Drew is running away and Jessie makes a mean comment about no one liking Drew. Sykes is disappointed to see this side of Jessie and she storms off. In the meantime, Alex and Cricket find the mask and secret box in Deb's cabin. Before they can look in the box Deb arrives with Joel, takes the box and heads off into the forest.

Jessie and Drew have a heart-to-heart.

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Drew sits alone at the bus station. He sees another vision of young Andrea holding a balloon but is interrupted when Jessie sits down beside him. She tells him she never had any footage of him showering and encourages him to come back to camp. She admits that she was angry that he found out about her DUI hearing and that she has spent her whole life trusting the wrong people. Camp was the only place she ever could be herself and she thinks it could be that way for Drew. She leaves Drew alone at the bus station to decide out what to do. Meanwhile, Deputy Sykes and Amy find Alex and Cricket who tell them that Joel and Deb have gone into the woods together. Sykes tells the counselors that he will handle the situation. He admits to Amy that the satanists might be trying to summon a demon but he doesn't believe those sorts of things are possible. Amy is less sure.

There is a lot of loving going on at camp.

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Joel and Deb are in the woods together. She opens the box, a time capsule, and shows him the book inside it—Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums. She says it used to belong to someone she loved. Joel leans in and kisses her. Meanwhile at the bus station, Drew is listens to David Bowie. We flashback to the Sonic Youth show he snuck-out to. His mother followed him and saw how happy he was on the dance floor in his boy's clothes. Back in 1989, Blair is still waiting at the masquerade ball when Drew strides in and kisses him passionately in front of everyone.

Drew's mother finally accepts him.

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In another flashback, we see Drew arrive home to greet his mother and therapist. His mom admits that she followed him to the club and now understands that he is a boy. Both are emotional as they embrace. At the masquerade ball Blair suggests that he and Drew leave together. Meanwhile, Joel and Deb make love in the woods.

Amy hears the call.

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Deputy Sykes continues to search for Deb and Joel when he finds himself on the shore of the lake. Amy is in the woods looking for Sykes. She hears whispering and seems caught up in a trance as she slowly walks towards the source of the noise. Sykes spots one of the masked satanists and then watches as Amy walks into the lake. She reaches her arm out to a demonic hand that rises out of the water. When it touches her she seems peaceful and happy. Sykes comes up behind her and the hand retreats back into the lake. Amy turns around and pulls Sykes into a passionate kiss. Jessie watches, horrified. After the kiss Amy wakes from the trance and cannot remember what happened.

Drew comes clean.

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Drew and Blair are kissing when Drew excuses himself to use the bathroom. Once alone he starts to see red balloons appear again. He has a flashback to the day he came home from school to find his mother had abandoned him. She understood he was Drew but couldn't accept that her little girl was gone. Back in the bathroom, surrounded by red balloons, Drew has had enough. He runs out and bumps into Blair. As they talk Drew sees the vision of the little girl his mom wanted him to be in the woods, but once he starts to open up to Blair about his past the vision disappears. Drew tells Blair that he gave him the David Bowie tape years ago when he was called Andrea. Blair doesn't really understand and he runs off in confusion leaving Drew alone and upset. Jessie is sitting by the campfire when Drew comes and sits beside her. She comforts Drew as he cries on her shoulder.

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