Dead Of Summer Episode 6 Official Recap: The Dharma Bums

There's much more to Deb than you could possibly imagine!

We meet the young Deb!

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 6 Official Recap: The Dharma Bums - 1001

It is the summer of 1970 and a young Deb is a counselor at Camp Stillwater. She goes for a midnight stroll with her boyfriend Keith and they bury the Dharma Bums book that we saw her show Joel in Episode 4. The two lovebirds discuss their plans for the future and Keith asks Deb to come traveling with him. Deb says she wants to save the world, not see all of it. Back in the present day, Cricket's parents have arrived to collect her belongings. Blair helps them as Deb tries to comfort the other counselors. Joel approaches Deb and tells her that the police have ruled Cricket's death an accident. Deb agrees, then returns to her cabin where she spots muddy footprints on the floor. A man grabs her and she identifies him as Keith, her boyfriend from the flashback.

Keith is back!

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 6 Official Recap: The Dharma Bums - 1002

Drew stands on the sidelines of the group watching Blair. Jessie approaches him and says he should talk to Blair but Drew is reluctant. Meanwhile, the counselors are discussing Cricket's death. Alex finds it hard to understand how Cricket could have fallen into a bear trap since she was so knowledgeable about the woods and had once stopped him from stepping in one. Blair suggests they find a way to communicate with her. He and Alex recover the spirit board from the basement and try to convince the others to join their séance. Jessie is reluctant but eventually agrees they can do it after the campers are in bed. In Deb's cabin, Keith is trying to rekindle the romance they shared back when they were counselors. Deb tells him a lot has changed and she has responsibilities now. She asks him to leave and he tells her to find him again, before it's too late.

Young Deb is trying to change the world!

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 6 Official Recap: The Dharma Bums - 1003

In a flashback, Deb is collecting signatures with a friend when a young lawyer comes along. Deb tries to get his name for her petition but he is not interested until she proves she is a Harvard-educated lawyer. He gives her his phone number in exchange for the signature. Back in the present day, Deputy Sykes is looking through his father's belongings for clues about the case he was working on before his death. He shows his mother the cufflink with J.S. on that he found in Holyoke's cabin in Episode 5, but she points out that his father was not the kind of person to lose things. While examining the cufflink Sykes notices a hidden compartment with a note which reads HOL1645. Sykes is convinced that his father left this case number as a clue.

Keith and Deb meet in the woods.

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 6 Official Recap: The Dharma Bums - 1005

In a flashback, we see Deb leaving her office and hailing a cab. When the door opens, she bumps into Keith. The two go for a drink and talk about the Dharma Bums and how Keith has been struggling as a writer. They laugh about how much has changed. Keith asks Deb to come to Camp Stillwater with him to dig up their time capsule but she is reluctant. Back in the present day, Deb goes into the woods and meets Keith beside the campfire. He asks her to dance as music plays on a boombox. They share some camp memories and Keith tells Deb she was always the heart of the camp. Deb says those days are over but Keith suggests they could just be getting started.

Blair's séance goes horribly wrong.

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 6 Official Recap: The Dharma Bums - 1006

Blair and the counselors are holding a séance to communicate with Cricket. At first nothing seems to be happening but then the board starts moving on its own and the planchette catches on fire. A spirit goes into Amy and she convulses on the floor. Suddenly, her body sits upright and she begins to speak to Blair as Cricket. However, Cricket's voice is intermittently replaced by an evil voice that Cricket's spirit is afraid of. Cricket disappears and the evil voice tells them all that Amy is the "doorway" and they should have killed her when they had the chance. Amy's body grabs a knife as the other counselors struggle to stop her from hurting anyone, including herself. Blair grabs the spirit board and recites a Spanish prayer. When he finishes the last phrase Amy finally goes still. However, Jessie is now lying on the floor seemingly unconscious while her hand draws something on a piece of paper. Jessie wakes up and seems to have no control of her hand. Suddenly the paper goes flying through the air and a sketch of a skull over a star can be seen drawn on it.

Deputy Sykes starts to doubt himself.

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 6 Official Recap: The Dharma Bums - 1007

The counselors are still reeling from the events of the séance. They're all very freaked out but Joel points out that now they know this stuff is real, they can deal with it. Jessie grabs the drawing and goes off to call Sykes for help. Deb and Keith are in the woods putting their clothes back on when Keith says he has to leave. He walks off and Deb chases him. Deputy Sykes is by his cruiser at camp when Jessie comes up to him demanding more information about the satanic cult he has been investigating. Sykes says he hasn't found the clues he expected so he might be wrong about the whole thing. Jessie tells him about the séance and shows him what she drew while possessed. Sykes takes Jessie's drawing and places it upon the map he has of camp and suddenly realizes where the skull might be buried.

Deputy Sykes and Jessie go digging!

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 6 Official Recap: The Dharma Bums - 1009

Deb talks to the campers and counselors about Cricket. She apologizes for not doing more to comfort them and then holds a memorial service for Cricket in the woods. All the counselors place an object connected with Cricket in the tin box that Deb originally used with Keith. Meanwhile, Jessie and Sykes dig up a box they found using Jessie's drawing and the map. They discover a skull inside it. They place Jessie's drawing on the map once more and suddenly realize that the numbers on the drawing correlate to the locations on the map where people were killed and that there may be more satanic objects buried in the woods. They follow the map and find a spot that has been recently disturbed. There is blood on the ground so they assume that the satanists have moved whatever was once buried there.

We find out what happened to Blotter!

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 6 Official Recap: The Dharma Bums - 1010

Damon and his friends are watching Jessie and Sykes digging. They talk about how someone has been helping them but they don't know who it is. Damon says The Teacher believes they should thank this anonymous person for their help. We see another person digging in the woods. They are digging up Cricket's memorial box and they place Blotter's decapitated head on top of it before covering them both up with dirt. The person burying the head is dressed in a black cloak and is wearing the same mask Damon and his friends have previously been seen in.

Who do you think is secretly helping the satanists?

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