Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie

There was a LOT to take in!

We meet the young Sykes and Damon!

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1001

It is 1982 in Stillwater and young Garrett Sykes and Damon are cycling down the road together. Stopping at a teacher’s car, Sykes gives Damon a baseball bat and tells him to smash the car. Damon doesn’t want to, but Sykes persuades him. Hesitant, Damon hits the car, failing to break the window, but setting off the alarm. Damon tries to run, but Sykes tells him to wait, takes the bat and shatters one of the windows. Sykes’s dad and Heelan arrive and tell the boys to get in their car. Later, Sykes tells his dad that he was just getting even with the teacher who gave them detention for no reason. His dad is extremely disappointed with him and tells him that he is sending him to Camp Stillwater.

They've got a plan!

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1002

Flash forward to 1989 and Sykes tells Heelan that the next stage in the Satanists’s ritual is to sacrifice an innocent person in order to raise a demon and that, according to his notes, it will take place that evening. They decide to use Amy as bait in order to catch the Satanists in the act. Back at camp, Sykes and Heelan tell everyone their plan. Deb is appalled that they want to use Amy as bait to lure dangerous suspects into the camp, but Sykes and Heelan persuade her that it’s the only way to catch them and keep the camp open. Amy agrees to the plan and everyone else is asked to keep watch.

A ritual takes place!

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1003

Damon and his followers gather in a cave. Damon says that before they met the teacher they were lost and disrespected. Damon approaches his terrified friend Parker and orders him to “call to the vessel”. Parker cries, “Amy” before Damon takes his face in his hands and cuts out his tongue. Damon squeezes blood from Parker’s tongue onto a horn and leaves with the others to find Amy.

Sykes and Jessie meet!

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1004

Flashback to 1982 and Sykes is at Camp Stillwater looking lonely and miserable when young Jessie comes up and introduces herself. Jessie tells him that they should be friends, as they are both on Team Red. She says that Team Red has never won Color Wars and that this year could be different if they work together. Later, Sykes is trying lead his team to victory during the tug-of-war when a boy on the opposite team starts saying nasty things about Sykes’s mom. Sykes drops the rope to fight him, but Michael, Joel’s older brother, breaks them up. Jessie is disappointed with Sykes for losing the game Team Red.

A plan in action!

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1005

In the present, Amy pretends to set up for Color Wars while Heelan keeps watch. Amy hears a strange noise and asks Heelan if he heard it, but he did not. Heelan then spots a masked figure heading towards Amy. When Heelan follows the figure, another appears behind him. Meanwhile back at camp, Sykes tells Jessie to stay away from Golden Grove because that’s where the next step of the ritual is going to take place. Jessie remembers that that was where Sykes’s dad was killed and asks Sykes if he would like her to go with him, but he refuses. Jessie is scared that Holyoke is behind everything, but Sykes is adamant that it’s just Damon trying to recreate history.

Anton's drawing again and Amy is missing!

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1006

Alex tells Joel that Anton has been drawing again and that he might still be talking to Holyoke. They run off to check on Anton and examine the drawing. Meanwhile, Sykes is trying to find Heelan when he comes across Amy’s abandoned flag poles and radio. He calls Heelan on his walkie-talkie, but there is no response. Moving through the woods, he finds Heelan’s walkie-talkie smashed on the ground and covered in blood. In another part of the woods, Amy walks towards Damon in a trance. She tells Damon that she heard his call and she is ready. She follows Damon and two other masked figures.

A misunderstanding?

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1007

Back in 1982 young Jessie and Sykes play horseshoes. Sykes hits the spike perfectly just as his dad arrives at camp. Sykes is frustrated that his dad has come to check up on him. Jack tells Garrett that, in fact, he has come to see Michael, who had a nervous breakdown at Golden Grove, but Sykes doesn’t believe him. Jack leaves Sykes to go investigate.

Starting to panic!

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1008

Sykes frantically searches for Amy and Heelan. He radios Deb and tells her that they are missing. Deb orders all the other counselors to return to camp. Blair and Drew, however, are too far away to pick up a signal. Blair thinks they should go back, but Drew disagrees. They begin to argue and Blair tells Drew that he is difficult to understand. Drew says that it’s simple—he’s a guy—but before anything else can be said, Blair spots a mask attached to a tree. Startled, he trips and rolls his ankle.

A matching drawing.

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1009

Alex, Jessie and Joel find Sykes in the woods and show him Anton’s drawing of Golden Grove. Shocked, Sykes takes out a matching drawing of Golden Grove that was drawn by Michael Goodson in the summer of 1982. Joel tells everyone that it was after that summer that Michael killed himself. Again, Jessie tries to tell Sykes that Holyoke is behind everything. Confused, Sykes says that the drawings don’t look anything like Golden Grove and that there must be a cave there.

The ritual begins!

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1010

In a cave that matches the one in the two drawings, Amy is suspended above water in a white robe. Damon and the other masked figures move towards her. Damon says that the teacher will be there soon and that the demon is back because of Amy—that he chose her. Damon takes out a knife and tells Amy that they will need some of her blood. Amy, still in a trance, sits up and calmly cuts her arm with it. Later, the teacher arrives, masked. Amy is lowered into the water below, which wakes her from the trance. She begins to scream.


Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1011

Drew helps Blair back to camp and tells him to keep talking in order to take his mind off the pain. Blair apologizes for what he said before and tells Drew that he has never met anyone like him before. They are both happy that they are friends again. Drew thanks Blair for looking at him, when they arrived at Camp Stillwater, the way he’d always hoped someone would look at him. Deb's voice sounds over the radio telling them to return to camp as soon as possible.

Capture the flag!

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1012

Back in 1982 a younger Heelan arrives at camp and Sykes thinks his dad has sent him—another check-in. Sykes tells Heelan about that his dad came to visit, the other day, pretending to be there for Michael Goodson. After Heelan leaves, Sykes walks over to Jessie and tells her how much he is looking forward to the end of camp. This upsets Jessie. She says camp is one of her favorite places and storms off. Later, Jessie gives Team Red a pep-talk before they all run off to play Capture the Flag. Once the game is underway, Sykes breaks-off from his team and heads in the opposite direction. He spots Team Blue's flag unguarded, but as he approaches Sykes is surrounded by rival campers who were waiting in ambush. While Team Blue threatens Sykes, Jessie sneaks behind them all and captures their flag. Team Red wins!

Damon is willing too go far!

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1013

Sykes finds a trap door that leads to the cave. Upon entering he can hear Amy’s screams. When he discovers the masked figures surrounding Amy, Sykes draws his gun and tells Damon to let release Amy. Damon tells him that it is too late—the Teacher has already given the final blessing—the ritual is complete. Damon tells Sykes that he thought they were going to be friends for life, but Sykes didn’t want anything to do with him after he returned from his summer at Camp Stillwater. He reminds Sykes of the time he asked Damon how far he was willing to go. Then he explains that when the Satanists's blood mixes with Amy’s they will live forever. With that, Damon and his masked followers all kneel to the ground and slit their own throats from ear-to-ear. Their blood flows into the pool below Amy and mixes with hers.

Sykes to the rescue!

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1014

The pool bubbles and roils and the rope holding Amy snaps. She falls into the water and Sykes jumps in to save her. He swims down to Amy, but as Sykes tries to pull her to the surface a demon's hand reaches up from the depths, grabs her leg and drags them both deeper into the pool. Sykes spots the end of the rope that Amy was tied to and grabs hold. The demon’s hand releases Amy and Jessie is able to drag her and Sykes out of the water to saftey. Amy lies unresponsive on the ground so Sykes begins rescue breathing. After a moment, Amy comes to and coughs the water out of her lungs. When Heelan calls for Sykes on his walkie Sykes tells him that it’s all over.

A devastating end to camp.

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1015

It’s the last day of camp in 1982. Jessie carves a heart with "Townie + Braces" into a bench and Sykes kisses her. A police car arrives and Jessie lights-up when Sykes invites her to come meet his dad. But when Sykes’s mom and Heelan step out of the car Sykes realizes something is wrong. Sykes’s mom breaks-down crying as she hugs her son—Sykes’s dad was killed in the line of duty.

Amy's safely back!

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1016

Jessie and Sykes take an extremely shaken Amy back to camp where everyone is waiting for them. Deb brings Amy to the infirmary. Blair takes Drew’s hand and tells him that he wants to be more than friends, and they kiss. Joel says that he cannot stop thinking about Holyoke and asks if Sykes saw him or anything else that he couldn’t explain. Sykes has a flashback of the demon’s hand. Heelan arrives and congratulates Sykes on a job well-done. He says that Sykes’s dad would’ve been proud and expresses surprise that Damon went so far as to take his own life. Sykes leads Heelan back to Golden Grove to investigate the scene.

Heelan's the Teacher?!

Dead of Summer - Dead of Summer Episode 7 Official Recap: Townie - 1017

Outside, Sykes confronts Heelan and identifies him as the Teacher. Sykes hadn’t told Heelan that Damon and the other Satanists committed suicide—he shouldn’t have known that detail. They argue, but Heelan owns it—he reveals his plan and explains that everything was meant to change tonight, but Sykes ruined it, just like his father did. Sykes realizes that Heelan must have killed his dad. Heelan admits he had do it to because of what Sykes told him in 1982—that his father had come to camp and was talking with Michael Goodson. However, he denies the murders of Dave and Cricket and insists another killer must be on the loose still. Heelan invites Sykes to join him and together they will welcome the lake’s awakened power. Sykes responds by emptying his pistol into Heelan’s chest.

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