Dead Of Summer Episode 9 Official Recap: Home Sweet Home

Just when you thought you'd figured everything out...

Krissy is on her way to Camp Stillwater.

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 9 Official Recap: Home Sweet Home - 1001

A girl is standing beside her car which has broken down. A pickup truck stops beside it and the driver asks if she needs help. The girl is Krissy, the friend of Margot's from Episode 1, and she asks the man if he knows how to get to Camp Stillwater. She says she thinks her friend is in trouble. Meanwhile, Amy is tied to a chair in Holyoke's cabin. She is telling Alex, Jessie and Deputy Sykes that she didn't mean to kill Joel. They think it is really her but Holyoke tells them the demon is tricking them. He shows them the container where he has stored the last of the pure water from Lake Stillwater. He says they will be performing a purification on Amy. Back at camp, Deb is loading up the bus with campers. She stops to say goodbye to the camp then gets on the bus with Drew and Blair.

Young Amy gets in trouble.

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 9 Official Recap: Home Sweet Home - 1002

In a flashback, we see Amy watching TV with her parents and older brother. A gerbil runs out from under the couch and Amy's mother is mad at her for not keeping it in a cage. Amy's brother insists that the gerbil is his and says Amy shouldn't play with it at all. Amy says that it's not fair to keep an animal in a cage. Her father yells at Amy for not listening to her mother's instructions. Later, Amy is washing dishes when her brother sneaks up behind her. He tells her that their parents don't want her and they're going to send her to live with her grandmother. Amy realizes that the sink is blocked and her mother reaches in to find out what's causing it. She removes a dead gerbil and screams. Amy's brother is furious with his sister for letting the gerbil run free around the house causing this accident.

Where are the spirits of light?

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 9 Official Recap: Home Sweet Home - 1003

Back at Camp Stillwater, Holyoke explains that he will play his piano to call on the spirits of light. As he plays, the water of the lake starts bubbling and turning red. Something comes out of the water and rushes towards the cabin. The counselors hear a noise and look out the window. There is a stream of blood running down the sides of the cabin. Holyoke stops playing and seems confused. His hands and eyes are bleeding. As the lights go out in the cabin, he disintegrates into a pile of blood. Amy smiles as this happens. In a flashback, Amy's brother tricks her into going into the garage and then he locks her in as revenge for the death of his gerbil. In the morning, young Amy is woken by a fireman who tells her that her family have all died from carbon monoxide poisoning. The fireplace flue was accidentally closed.

Jessie is the new exorcist.

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 9 Official Recap: Home Sweet Home - 1004

In Holyoke's cabin the counselors are trying to figure out what went wrong. They notice a satanic symbol on the piano and realize that someone tainted it so it wouldn't work to destroy the demon. Deputy Sykes remembers that he has the original recording of Holyoke playing the piano, before it was tainted, in his car. Jessie refuses to let him leave as they can't open the door without releasing the demon. Amy tries to convince them to free her but Jessie is adamant that she should stay tied up. Jessie decides to lead the purification herself. According to Holyoke's book they have to get the demon to reveal itself. The boys hold Amy down while Jessie pours pure water down her throat. Amy struggles and then suddenly her chair slides her away from the others. Deputy Sykes tries to remind Amy of her inner goodness but the demon responds in his father's voice. Jessie realizes that the demon has revealed itself.

The campers are trapped in the bus!

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Deb, Blair, Drew and the campers are driving out of the woods. They see a fog approaching and, as soon as they reach it, blood starts to rain down over the bus windows. The kids are screaming as the bus stops and the adults try to calm them down. Deb asks the bus driver what happened and he decides to go outside and find out what they hit. Deb is trying to see out the window when suddenly the driver is slammed against it and then dragged away by an unseen force. The bus starts to rock as if someone is pushing it and the kids start screaming again. Words appear on the window saying "let me out". Deb decides to go outside the bus to try and buy the others time to drive away safely. Meanwhile, at Holyoke's cabin, Jessie is throwing pure water at Amy while the demon tries to distract them. It speaks Russian to Alex offering him Amy's body. It also speaks in the voice of Amy's father and brother. Jessie realizes that Amy has had a lot of pain in her life and it's all coming out. Deputy Sykes tries to comfort Amy but she bites him and smiles when the others look horrified.

The demon plays another trick!

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 9 Official Recap: Home Sweet Home - 1006

In another flashback, Amy is sitting with some other girls and a therapist. The woman congratulates Amy on moving to a new home. Amy points out that she has moved 7 times in the past 9 years and is sick of being the new girl. The therapist reminds her that Hunter High has a great reputation and she might even make a new friend. Back at Holyoke's cabin, Jessie gives Deputy Sykes the book to read the incantation while she speaks to Amy. She apologizes for being cold when they first met and sympathizes with Amy's struggles. As Deputy Sykes reads the last few words Amy's chair goes flying back and the noise outside the cabin stops. Instead, they hear knocking and Deb's voice telling them to open the door. Thinking it's all over, Jessie opens it only to find that it was another of the demon's tricks. They close the door and turn around to see that Amy has freed herself from the ropes. She locks Alex in the closet, knocks Jessie out cold and turns on Deputy Sykes.

Jessie becomes the vessel.

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 9 Official Recap: Home Sweet Home - 1007

Drew and Blair are still not able to get the bus started, but they assure the kids that everything will be okay. Deb finds the driver dead by the side of the road. She walks further and bumps into Keith's spirit. She is happy to see him until he starts choking her. While choking Deb, he tells her that she is the one that brought Amy to Camp Stillwater, who is the perfect vessel for Malphas. Meanwhile, Jessie wakes up to see that Deputy Sykes has a noose around his neck. Amy threatens to hang him unless Jessie opens the door. Jessie hears Holyoke's voice in her head telling her to fight the darkness with light. She offers herself to Malphas as his new vessel instead of Amy. Something flows out of Amy's mouth and into Jessie's and both girls fall to the floor. Alex gets out of the closet and sees that Jessie has the demon inside her. She tells him to put her in the vat of pure water to finally get rid of the demon. Alex is reluctant but eventually picks her up and throws her into the water, closing the lid over.

Jessie's plan works!

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 9 Official Recap: Home Sweet Home - 1008

As Jessie is thrown into the water, Keith's spirit stops choking Deb and explodes into a bloody mist. The lake turns back from red into its usual color. Drew and Blair see the blood on the bus disappear and they are able to start the engine again. In Holyoke's cabin, Alex helps Deputy Sykes out of the noose and Amy starts to wake up. She seems confused but once she realizes what Jessie has done for her she tries to revive her friend. She gives Jessie mouth-to-mouth but nothing seems to be happening. Suddenly, Jessie coughs out some water and the others realize she is alive. They all start to leave the cabin but Amy asks for some time alone to say goodbye. In a flashback we see Amy at Camp Stillwater one month before it opened. She is running her hands through the lake water and tells Deb how beautiful the camp is and how it makes her feel at home. Deb is sympathetic but explains that she already has all the counselors she needs. She promises that Amy will be on the waiting list if any of the other counselors drop out.

We find out what really happened to Margot!

Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Episode 9 Official Recap: Home Sweet Home - 1009

In another flashback, we see Amy with Margot at the same party from Episode 1. The police are called and the two girls run upstairs where Margot falls out the window. This time we see the full scene play out. Amy tells Margot that this is the only way she can be a camp counselor at Camp Stillwater and then she lets her friend fall off the roof. When the police come in Amy pretends to be upset but Krissy, who is watching through the door, seems suspicious. Back in the present, curiosity piqued by what Keith said earlier, returns to look through Amy’s belongings. She finds a map of the camp that Jessie drew when the counselors performed the seance. She hears a noise and turns around to see Krissy standing at the cabin door. Krissy insists that Amy is not who she says she is. As she is speaking, Amy appears behind her and attacks her with an axe.

It was Amy all along!

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After Amy kills Krissy she can't find Deb. She looks for the camp director while explaining that Malphas chose her because of her dark side, not because she's an innocent. She explains that she spent her whole life looking for a place where she was free to be who she wanted to be and she found that at Camp Stillwater. She also admits that she killed her parents and her brother because they didn't understand her but Malphas does. Deb sneaks up on her and stabs her with a knife but it has no effect. Deb falls backwards and sees the satanic mask has been hidden under Amy's bed the whole time. Amy kills Deb with her axe. While she is killing her boss we see several flashbacks of Amy's other victims. Amy was the person in the satanic mask who drowned Dave, chopped off Blotter's head, pushed Cricket into the bear trap, and watched Deputy Sykes kill Sheriff Heelan. Back in the present, Amy starts to clean blood off herself as Jessie calls for her to hurry up and get in the car.

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