Love Deb's Record Collection? Check Out The Amazing Episode 6 Playlist Right Here!

This show's soundtrack gets better and better!

Episode 6 opens with Deb and her childhood sweetheart Keith partying at Camp Stillwater in 1970. They're listening to Tighter, Tighter by Alive 'N Kickin'.

Depeche Mode's Blasphemous Rumours plays as Deb and Keith discuss their futures. The song continues as we flash forward to Cricket's parents taking her things away from Camp Stillwater.

Deb listens to Tighter, Tighter again, before we flash back to the day that Fred proposed to her. We can hear Wondering Where The Lions Are by Bruce Cockburn as Deb says yes!

Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny) by Elton John can be heard as Deb discovers that Keith has tragically died from a drug overdose.

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