The Make-Ups And Break-Ups Of Camp Stillwater!

People are so confusing...

Joel was super excited about being reunited with camp buddy Alex!

Until Alex snooped through his personal film in Modern Love.

We were totally shipping Blair and Drew!

But then Drew was left alone, and we cried, like, a lot!

Cricket was alllll about Alex!

Then he tried to comfort her in Episode 4, and she rejected him.

Jessie was being super mean to Drew.

But then they connected, and she was the one who encouraged Drew to come back to camp when he tried to run.

Alex and Blotter were a dynamic duo.

Until Alex dosed his friend...and got him fired!

Joel didn't always know where he stood with Deb.

But then they made out in the woods in Episode 4!

Blotter was definitely friend-zoned at the start of the season.

Until Cricket realized that she deserved the kind of guy who'd make her a mix tape. D'aaaawww!

Who do you love to see together? Let us know below!

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