Then And Now: How The Counselors Changed During Their Time At Camp Stillwater!

That place has a strange power over people...

1. Carolina "Cricket" Diaz

At the beginning, Cricket was a bit insecure and had some personal issues to deal with. But her time at Camp Stillwater helped her gain confidence, and come out of her shell!


2. Joel Goodson

Joel had a traumatic experience as a child when he found his brother dead in the bathroom. At Camp Stillwater he was able to uncover the truth and gain some closure!


3. Drew Reeves

When he first arrived at Camp Stillwater, Drew closed himself off from the rest of the counselors. But with a little help from Jessie and Blair he was able to open up about his past!


4. Blair Ramos

Blair came to Camp Stillwater just looking to have a good time. Instead, he found someone he could really connect with! #Blew


5. Alex Powell

When he first arrived, Alex only cared about himself and was willing to do anything to get what he wanted. But after spending the summer at Camp Stillwater, Alex started to realize that caring for other people can make you strong. He even sacrificed himself in the end to save his friends!


6. Jessie Tyler

Jessie tried to reinvent herself at Camp Stillwater, but she couldn't hide her inner kindness. Over the summer she gradually realized that she had to be true to herself and used that to save her friends!


7. Amy Hughes

At the beginning, Amy seemed like a really sweet girl with a heart of gold. But her past caught up with her, and she let the evil forces at Camp Stillwater turn her into a monster!


Which counselor do you think changed the most at Camp Stillwater?

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