10 Awesome Things That Will Make You Fall In Love With Bella Thorne

The list could go on! ❤

Check out these 10 reasons why Bella Thorne, from new show Famous In Love is our #WCW. See the Famous In Love cast in action by binge watching the full series now.

1. She celebrates International Women's Day

Like any badass woman should!

2. She totally pulls off some seriously killer looks.

Fancy on the outside, Yung Smurf on the inside 💙 #famousinlove

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Every real #Queen should know how to work a glittering gown.

3. And she's a total sweetheart.

We'll hug you, Bella!

4. She is a selfie QUEEN.

A picture of yung smurf in the womb 👄👅👑🌹☂💓💙 #nomakeupmonday #selfielyfe

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Who else do you know who's pulled off the red fluffy parka selfie?

5. She's a vegan!

Did someone say it was #nationalpizzaday???! Where's my #vegan cheese at!?!

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She's gorgeous AND she loves animals ♥

6. She's usually a redhead.

Missing these red vibes ❤️😍 #friyay #redhead #TGIT

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But she LOVES to change her hair color!

7. She has a teeny tiny lip biting habit.

Hehe guilty of a lip biting problem 😉👌🏼🐠👄 #2k17 #NYE

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That's okay though because it's absolutely ADORABLE.

8. She loves her fans.

15 mil and I love every single one of you ❤️🍓🌹 #weekendvibes #sundayfunday

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And we love her too ❤️️

9. She's seriously HILARIOUS.

Bella and Carter should probably start their own dance troupe, we're just saying.

10. We think she might actually be a sun goddess.

Damnnn I'm missing these #sunnyday #vibes

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We swear it's like she's glowing, guys.

Let us know how much you love Bella in the comments!

From April 18 you can stream Famous in Love to see Bella Thorne star as Paige Townsen right here on Freeform!

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