5 Tips On How To Be A Star According To The Stars Who Play The Stars On FIL!

You can learn a lot from social media!

1. Find a badass location and perfect your poses!

double trouble #humpday #allblackeverything

A photo posted by BELLA (@bellathorne) on

Helpful hint: sometimes 2 photos are better than 1.

2. Make sure that no matter where you are and what you're doing, wear great clothing and be the coolest version of yourself.

Helpful hint: then again, 3 photos are always better than 2.

3. Assume spy-like poses.

hide your kids, hide your fries

A photo posted by Niki Koss (@nikikoss) on

Helpful hint: spies always wear shiny pants so an investment in some of those will go a long way.

4. Post artsy photos so people can see your creative side.

Heaven on Earth 🌈

A photo posted by Pepi Sonuga (@pepicola) on

Helpful hint: think of cool and inspirational quotes to go along with the photo.

5. Take selfies and post them to celebrate things like the coming weekend.

Happy gal:) it's almost the weekend!!! #hellyeah ✨💥⚡️ #thursdaythoughts

A photo posted by BELLA (@bellathorne) on

Helpful hint: just be Bella Thorne.

Got any tips of your own?

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