9 Things You Didn't Know About The Amazing Charlie DePew

He's a super hunk, and a brilliant cook!

1. He worked on the pilot of Disney Channel's Shake It Up with Bella Thorne!

They're basically like best friends, guys.

2. He actually comes from L.A.!

It's like he was born to be in Hollywood.

3. His fave Disney movie is Tron: Legacy

That's a nice coconut you got there 📸: @bellathorne

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Who could've guessed he'd be into sci-fi?

4. Charlie loves to cook.

Spat and Chaz take on thanksgiving. #porkloins #bluesteel

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And he's really good at it!

5. He's also a DJ!

I'm a Dj

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Here's the real question though: Do we call him DJ DePew or DJ Chaz?

6. He LOVES pick-up basketball.

I'd say happy hump day but I ain't no camel 🐫

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Who doesn't, right guys?

7. And he used to be on the water polo team in high school.

When one chapter ends another one begins. #LCbizness #3

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So intense!

8. He was basically the biggest practical joker on set.

Creeping again. This has become a semi-normal routine. @nikikoss

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Come on, Charlie!

9. Did we mention how much he LOVES cooking?

Jazzy Jeff or Chazzy Chaz?

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Because he really, REALLY loves cooking.

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